A Media Writer's Guide to Grammar and Style

Written to help the business person gain
a grammatical advantage on the competition

version 2.3.1

A word frequency counter and text diagnostic tool for anyone who writes... anything. If you need to know the number of words in a document... if knowing which words you use the most will help you avoid unwanted repetition... if getting a complete breakdown of a text can be useful to you, WORDFREQ will be worth a lot more than its modest price.

This is what it looks like on your screen:

The report in this sample is from an analysis on a movie review document in HTML format, with the HTML filter set (strips out the code, analyzes text words only -- note the "tags filtered" reminder).

All results are detailed.

The analysis can be printed out online or stored in the file that is automatically created on disk with each analysis (does not affect the original file). The report looks like the one below.

Writers who submit articles to magazines and newspapers need to have an accurate word count. Here's the easiest and most accurate way to get that vital information -- easily, repetitively, painlessly.

By running WORDFREQ on an article that you're working on, you can keep constant track of whether you're staying within the publisher's assigned limits.

What a great tool for the webmaster who writes his own pages. Are you running too long? Are you repeating too much? The report might even hit you with a misspelling or two.

You can also help clean up your act if you're using one or two words
too repetitively. It takes a real friend to point that out. Now, do it yourself--objectively!

NOTE: This illustration is of the Windows version of WORDFREQ.

Version 2.3.1!
Now you can filter out HTML tags for purer text analysis and... Print analysis files directly -- at no extra cost!

WORDFREQ will also automatically filter out common words like 'a', 'an', 'and', etc. but a new menu feature (v2.3.1) allows you to include such words if you prefer.

Example: The following is the first part of a typical report created by WORDFREQ... and it's for this document (the one you're reading, excluding most of the html code, numbers and some late excisions):

           Word frequency report for wordfreq.htm
              Analyzed on 10/4/99 at 1:35:42 PM
      Total number of lines: 154
      Total number of words: 581
      Total number of unique words: 277
      Words per line: 4
     If some words which seem to be identical appear twice
     it may be because one version ends in an invisible space.
     Any difference in case (upper/lower) will appear as unique.
 12 to
  9 words
  8 that
  8 in
  7 on
  6 you
  6 one
  6 number
  6 is
  5 you're
  5 text
  5 frequency
  5 for
  5 diagnostic
  5 be
  4 your
  4 word
  4 version
  4 utility
  4 tool
  4 or
  4 most
  4 document
  4 can
  4 are
  4 Windows
  4 Total
  3 writes
  3 will
  3 who
  3 which
  3 up
  3 unique
  3 report
  3 repetitively
  3 repetition
  3 order
  3 need
  3 looks
  3 like
  3 it
  3 if
  3 help
  3 have
  3 get
  3 created
  3 counter
  3 count
  3 breakdown
  3 at
  3 as
  3 article
  3 appear
  3 accurate
  3 It's
  3 If
  3 DOS
  3 All
  2 z-a
  2 writer
  2 working
  2 work
  2 within
  2 whether
  2 what
  2 way
  2 vital
  2 very
  2 versions
  2 useful
  2 used
  2 use
  2 upper/lower
  2 unwanted 
  2 typical
  2 twice
  2 track
  2 too
  2 time
  2 this 
  2 this
  2 that 
  2 submit
  2 staying
  2 space
  2 some
  2 seem
  2 running
  2 run
  2 rights
  2 results
  2 reserved
  2 reading
  2 publisher's 
  2 program
  2 probably
  2 point
  2 per
  2 parameters
  2 painlessly
  2 page
  2 only
  2 now
  2 notes
  2 newspapers
  2 may
  2 magazines
  2 letters
  2 knowing
  2 know
  2 keep
  2 just
  2 it's
  2 invisible
  2 instance
  2 information
  2 identical
  2 handy
  2 group
  2 getting
  2 following
  2 files
  2 file
  2 excluding
  2 ends
  2 easily
  2 easiest
  2 each
  2 difference
  2 detailed
  2 copy?
  2 constant
  2 complete
  2 code
  2 case
  2 can 
  2 by
  2 beyond
  2 below
  2 because
  2 avoid
  2 articles
  2 anything
  2 anyone
  2 analysis
  2 an 
  2 alphabetized
  2 all
  2 addition
  2 Writers
  2 Words
  2 Word
  2 We
  2 Want
  2 Utilities
  2 Use
  2 Return
  2 Prompt
  2 Order
  2 Notice
  2 NewTEK
  2 NT
  2 JB
  2 It
  2 Industries
  2 In
  2 Here's
  2 DosPrompt
  2 DOC
  2 Comment
  2 By
  2 Any
  2 Analyzed
  2 $9
  2 "Order
  1 words:
  1 wordfreq
  1 with
  1 window 
  1 window
  1 version 
  1 using
  1 two
  1 too 
  1 takes
  1 screen:
  1 screen
  1 real
  1 point:
  1 out
  1 numbers
  1 new
  1 misleading
  1 manual

A recent new customer wrote:
"BTW, this is a pretty powerful program for one with such a small 'footprint'!"
~~ S.K.
WORDFREQ is available for Windows or as a DOS utility. The DOS version can be used in a DosPrompt or Command Prompt window. The Windows version works in all 32-bit versions of Windows.

Important Notes before you buy -- Please read carefully:

WORDFREQ is a 16-bit program designed to work on ASCII files in any Roman alphabet where words are separated by spaces and lines. Languages using ideographic symbols (Japanese, Cyrillic, etc.) would probably not be readable by WORDFREQ though there has been no test of such documents.

WORDFREQ isn't compatible with Windows 10, android and probably not with cel phones.

WORDFREQ does not work on binary files, which includes most word processor DOC files. These may be saved as ASCII files for WORDFREQ analysis.

As for file size, a practical limit is around 400 Kb due to the multiplying effect of the sort algorithm which is carried out in a portion of memory. This means that it is suited for limited length documents, such as long articles or novel chapters. WORDFREQ is not suitable for full novel-length files and should not be ordered for that purpose. Software is not returnable.

Short documents (letters, emails, short articles, html pages) are analyzed so swiftly it may appear instantaneous. It is most practical for documents under 200 Kb with CPUs in the 800 Mhz range and higher.

Want to order your copy? It's only $9.95 and we deliver it to you via easy download in a day (maybe an extra one for Sundays or holidays).

We are anti-spammers!
We have never put our customers' names on a list for spam, or for anything else. We never sell, trade or publish your information. We consider it private and we hold it in the strictest confidence.

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