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In an easy-to-read format key explanations are presented to clear up the confusion and poor guesses people make. Plus, the reasons behind proper service of our favorite beverage.

--- Let's dispel the many myths about wine and how it's served ---
Facts about Wine Service

Why do so many waiters and waitresses not know why they're doing what they're doing when they serve wine?
Poor or no training!

Why should the host drink the first pour out of a freshly opened bottle of wine?
For two reasons: (1) If there are any cork fragments left in the bottle, they will float and most will enter the first glass poured. The host should accept this to ensure his/her guests get a clean pour. And, (2) to test a restaurant wine for "goodness". That is, if a wine has "turned" and is undrinkable, this short sample pour provides the host (in a restaurant setting) the opportunity to order a replacement bottle before his guests' palates are compromised.

Why do you "let a wine breath?"
Because some of the wine character has been "bottled up". "Breathing" a wine is a term to indicate allowing it exposure to air for a period of time before drinking. This interaction with air opens up taste potentials and mellows harshness of a young wine. How much time is ideal for wine varies according to the wine, its type, its age, your taste and other factors. Recommended times are only a guideline and can be arbitrary, but there's some agreement that a strong, rich, young Cabernet or Syrah can use 1 to 2 hours. Whites generally reach their peak at around 30 minutes. We suggest no breathing for very old wines. In any case, taking your time in drinking a wine will expose the changes and a connoisseur should be interested in the spectrum of flavor development as air adds its effect.

When should a waiter or waitress NOT offer the host at a table a "test" drink before pouring for the guests?

These and the following questions are answered in
"Wine Facts:
The Truth About Its Service and Other Misunderstandings"

'Wine Facts'
The Truth About Its Service and Other Misunderstandings'
by Jules Brenner
Pick up this informative booklet from the Kindle Store and be the real wine guru in your crowd!

Bring it to dinner; show your friends;
Teach THEM the reasons behind the proper way to serve and enjoy wines.

These questions are all answered in the booklet:

  • What causes a wine to "turn"?
  • Can most people detect turned wine?
  • What if you really think it's turned bad?
  • Can you get sick from spoiled wine?
  • Why do you store wine with the bottles lying on their sides?
  • How do you match wine to food?
  • What about dessert wines?
  • What exactly am I looking for when swirling wine in a glass?
  • What is behind sniffing the cork?
  • Is this also true for the palate?
  • Please tell me the proper way to hold the wine glass for reds and whites? Common sense would say, reds by the bowl and whites by the stem. Is this proper?
  • What's the difference between Brandy and Cognac? How do they relate to wine?
  • What's the preferred glass shape for champagne?
  • What are the proper or ideal temperatures for various wines?
  • What is a still wine?
  • What about ice cubes?
  • How does the price of a wine relate to its quality?
  • What's the best approach to getting the best wine within a budget?
  • Will what I like be what you like?
  • Why does quality change year to year for the same label?
  • What's the best corkscrew?
  • If someone pays $100 or more for a corkscrew, does he/she have a screw loose?
  • Can I use a closet as a wine cellar?
  • What is the "French paradox" and how does it suggest the health benefits of wine? Is there any science behind this belief?
  • Is white wine as healthy as red wine?

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