How do you keep track of all the stocks (and other equities) you want to keep watching because you were convinced by a tip, a newspaper article, an analysis or by whatever means that it's likely to appreciate in value (or, take a nosedive). Do you use a neat notebook at your side? The back of an envelope? Or, like the author of Watch List before he wrote it, numerous slips of paper around your workplace?

Watch List is a Windows program that is designed to be instantly available on your desktop for this task. You get a tip or a good idea on a company or fund? Bring Watch List up and add it to the "Hot Watch" list, the "Warm Watch" list or the "Cool Watch List". Then, when you're ready to get quotes, charts or other means of analysis, bring up your list and all those possible trades are there in front of you!

It is only as good as you are at entering this data as you decide an equity is good for watching. If you do that faithfully, you won't lose track of those trades you thought had money-making potential.

It's free and there is no guarantee how it will work for you. and affiliated sites assumed no responsibility. All we ask is that in visiting our sites you support us by checking out our sponsors' offerings.

    Installation Guide

Important note: The download is a self-extracting .EXE file.

When the download is completed, move (or copy) WATCH102.EXE to a temp folder and run it. The installation files will be extracted. Then, you run SETUP.EXE and the installation program will take you through the necessary steps, help you make the necessary decisions, and install the program files to the location on your hard drive that you wish.

The installation program does not create a desktop icon. You may do that through the Windows Explorer.

The program may be uninstalled through Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs.

It is strongly suggested you read WATCHLST.DOC before running Watch List for the first time. Not essential, just advisable.

Click here to download the self-extracting
installation package of Watch List (1.73Mb) (v1.0.2)

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