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Cinema Signal: Not quite a green light but has elements of strong appeal for a limited audience. MOBILE version |
. "Upside Down"

Sci-fi has finally gotten double worlds. But can the filmmakers make it convincing?

It's a grand and highly inventive concept that creates amazing imagery. But the story, quirky and unguidable at times, asks us to accept many a jump in logic. It's worth one's time, however, for what it tried to do: a Romeo and Juliet romance in an otherworldly framework in which the rules exist to separate the classes. Each has its own planet until our lovers come along to break the rules with the gravity of human emotion.

British actor Jim Sturgess ("21") is very cute with a standout personality to keep the fantasy going even as it may appear to be crumbling. Kirsten Dunst ("Melancholia") still has, at 32, that baby doll allure going on.

Bottom line? Worth seeing if you like daring high concept sci-fi even if its own futurism (shaky foundation?) forces it to compromise its charter ideas. Plus, the romantic period art is something else.

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                                                                              ~~  Jules Brenner  

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