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Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

. "Uncovered: The War On Iraq"

Notice: Political views are expressed here. Proceed with caution.

Following close on the heels of "Fahrenheit 9/11" comes this film on much the same subject from the steady hand of documentarian Robert Greenwald. Taking a more straightforward approach, he has assembled a convincing jury of analysts and experts to weigh the evidence and give their individual verdicts on the various aspects of the Iraq war and the scandalous whitehouse deceptions that formed the basis of it.

Not everyone will agree with that characterization. The republican apologists will insist that they were fooled by false evidence, as though ignoring the truth behind their pre-formed beliefs amounts to an excuse after they've been proven completely false. The consequences to the U.S. are far too profound to allow for such a beg-off and the witnesses presented here make that case.

As a documentary, this one is far less humorous, satiric and dramatized than the Michael Moore approach. Instead, we have here a document that latter day historians are likely to refer to for a contemporary perspective of this administration's martial, economic and diplomatic legacy to the country. Or, should I say, lunacy? To future historians, this testimonial condemnation will weigh heavily on the scales of presidential judgement.

Greenwald assembled an authoritative stream of commentators: high ranking CIA operatives, military officers, physicists, political advisors, imagery analysts, weapons experts, diplomats, and a variety of scholars. The collective judgements from their unique areas of interest add up to an effective denouncement of the phony premises for launching a war in order to satisfy a cowboy's whim (my words, not theirs, exactly). They leave little doubt that this country is being led by an administration that is too self-venerating and stubborn to know when it's been outed for its true agenda, stiffly refusing to take the route of sincere apology.

Footage from the administration's public pronouncements, often from white house spokesmen, sometimes from the principals themselves, considered in the light of later developments, puts their self-righteous incompetence on exhibit. On the important question of what constitutes patriotism, the unity of views held by these analysts will allow all good citizens to sleep well at night. It shouldn't be missed.

A documentary exposing what some believe to be the most tragically deceptive leadership in U.S. history is relatively easy to do -- almost a slam dunk. They are easily hung by the rope they, themselves, in strident, undefendable terms, wove. What is not proportionally easy to accomplish is to reach the minds of the undecideds and swing voters with reason.

Did I say that staunch Bush-ites, the religious right, the far right and other unswayable righteous extremists shouldn't have ventured this far in this essay? If you hung in out of curiosity, I pat you on the back. On the other hand, if you're glad you read it through, I say, welcome and be sure to vote.

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