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Item: Viewsonic P815 21" CRT Monitor (Used)

When this was top-of-the-line in the Professional series of ViewSonic monitors, it retailed for $1600. It was the best for working with large images as well as for all other uses. Colors are great and the resolution fine. I'd still be using it but for my current need for a wider aspect ratio. It's massive and heavy, but all considered I believe the price is right. If you'd like to make a counter offer, let's hear it.

Sudden Sale low Price: $99.00

Will ship by UPS ground (unless you need it fast!) - cost (from Los Angeles) to be determined according to shipping address. No handling charge if ordered before December 24, 2010. $3.00 after that date.

(If you need it, move fast -- there's only one)

Coupon number: 01ADVS595

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