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BOOKS: Mystery fiction and writing links:
The resource for the latest audio books.

Armchair Interviews
Connecting Authors to Their Readers

The Official Charlie Huston Website
(modern pulp vampyre fiction ("Already Dead")

The NY Journal of Books
Michael Lipkin's Reviews of strictly Noir
A To Z Writing
An extensive resource for writers
Horror World Horror's #1 community on the web
Author David Fulmer's official website Author of "Jass," "The Dying Crapshooter's Blues"
Dark Regions Press - Publishers of fine Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction.
Strand Mystery Magazine
When you want the best in mysteries, look no further than the pages of this Magazine.

Mysterious Reviews: Current reviews of mystery books.

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articles to sell?
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Art, movies, DVDs, Magazine & More:
Your Actor/Crew Magazine online
Cinema Signals
Marquee video reviews

Cook Books:
A tasteful compendium

Books on Fitness:
Training, Beginners, Women, Powerlifting, Supplements, the Young, the Older: conditioning guides for you

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STOCK MARKET Trading links:
Trader's World Magazine
The official magazine of technical analysis.

Stocks, Futures, Options, FOREX trading using Neal Hughes "FibMaster" powerful Fibonacci forecasting techniques.

CONSENSUS National Futures & Financial Weekly
Market letters, special reports, with fundamental and technical buy/sell advice from
over 100 top national and international sources.

PureLinks - Banner Exchange

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