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The main theme of my lectures to beginning writers is that the minute they pick up the idea that they're going to write a screenplay, their assignment is the creation of drama. Yes, the only three things that will sell your screenplay are drama, drama and drama. Can't be emphasized too much and nothing is so poorly understood or carried out.

How do you do it? What is drama? What are its elements? Is the ability to create it a matter of study or innate ability or both?

Whatever it is, if you don't have it as a dramatist then you don't have it as a screenwriter. Anyone with a shred of hope about selling a script had better hone whatever skills they have in creating drama for submission to a professional script reader (agent, producer, studio reader, etc.). You have to understand that they are judging scripts as a basis for a movie package for a mainstream audience. Big bucks are on the line.

Entertainment is drama. Drama is entertainment. Entertainment sells. Drama is the key, the requirement, the must-have.

Scripts that don't sell don't because of that missing ingredient around 95% of the time. I say that as a judge in a major screenwriting competition. The other 5% --scripts with the potential to see the light of production-- might not find a buyer for other reasons, like not finding a studio or producer who can put a package together from a particular script.

There are also the elements of timing and opportunity. But, a script with drama will eventually find its buyer.

What most unsold screenwriters need is someone in the industry who can read their script and tell them why it's not working in terms of drama. Feedback from a professional is of the greatest value to an unsold writer. What would you pay to get a handle on what's not working in your script? How valuable is an idea that could help you dramatize your next draft?

That's what I'm here to offer you. I'll read your script. You only have to send it to me with your payment.

For unsold, individual writers:
For studios, producers:
Fees are subject to change. Prior fee is honored if postmark is before change date.

Personal check is okay, credit card payment is faster. As soon as payment is processed, I'll read your script and get back to you via email, so include that, too. (Good idea to include your email address on your title page).

Include the usual self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want the script returned.

         Send to: CoaStar Productions
                  Script Evaluation Dept.
                  P.O. Box 46116
                  Hollywood, CA 90046
But, remember: you'll get honest, constructive feedback. Never intentionally cruel, but brutally honest. You'd better put your mind in a place of accepting criticism. If your script(s) were selling you wouldn't even be reading this far, so face up to the need for a coldly realistic evaluation from someone who is not here to spare your feelings. You'll be paying for the truth as a Hollywood filmmaker sees it.