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Notes on The Screwpull

We asked if you've ever heard of The Screwpull because in some circles, it's become legendary. To some, it's the only way to get a cork out of a bottle.

It's really not a matter of pure functionality. Obviously, at a cost of $79.95 this is not an issue of saving money. It's only for those who appreciate doing things with implements that are the best in their class--best in engineering, design, ease-of-use, quality of workmanship. This little item fits all those categories. It adds a dimension of quality to the ethos of drinking fine wines.

Using the ScrewPull is fun! Part of the fun is having your friends discover the level of perfection you enjoy. How many of them will feel that they must have one of their own? Well, that's how we got our first one. We were the guest. Now, we're spreading the word!

And, by the way, one of the design features of it is that the corkscrew itself is of a finer (and stonger) wire than you usually see in corkscrews. The advantage of it being so thin is the exemplary way it worms itself through the cork--even the toughest and most resistant of them. With one smooth downward stroke of the handle, you're through the cork.

Another reason we decided to get one is its superiority in removing very old corks. As you may have noticed if you cellar your wines for years, old corks tend to be difficult to remove in one piece, due to aging and loss of integrity. The "crumbling factor." The Screwpull's very long screw penetrates well beyond the length of the cork, which helps remove it in one piece.

As we said, it's a package. It comes with a capsule cutter and an extra blade (wire corkscrew) in a fitted box. It's really well thought out and is a thing of aesthetic, tactile and geometric beauty. You've never had so much fun pulling corks or added so much to your image, marking you as a person of high standards. It really adds to your wine experiences. Make it an event. Get one.

If any of our customers would like to add to these observations, please email us. Your comments might be added to these notes.

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