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Cinematographer: Jules Brenner

  • Directed by Kirk Douglas
  • Produced by Kirk Douglas for Paramount; Phil Feldman, line producer

  • Cast: Kirk Douglas, Bruce Dern, Alfonso Arau

    Movie facts:

  • Shot in Tucson, Arizona.

    Tech facts:

  • The movie was photographed in 1.85:1 ratio. The frames above are the TV cropping, showing more on the vertical axis, top & bottom, and less on the horizontal. This compromises the ideal composition--a compromise we have come to accept, though the Director of Photography is never entirely comfortable with it.

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    The Cinematographer speaks:
    "This movie was an opportunity to work with one of the icons of the movies when I was a boy: Kirk Douglas. It was an amazing experience. The story called for the most extensive stunt work I've ever done and the challenge of shooting interior scenes on a moving train. Much of the source light was from outside, with brackets clamped to various parts of the train.

    "These few images give a sense of the story line. Though I didn't photograph the entire movie, I did all the action and stunts, the moving train exterior and interior, the opening sequences. All the scenes here are those that I did."

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