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Cinematographer: Jules Brenner

  • Directed by Kirk Douglas
  • Produced by Kirk Douglas for Paramount; Phil Feldman, line producer

  • Cast: Kirk Douglas, Bruce Dern, Alfonso Arau

    Movie facts:

  • Shot in Tucson, Arizona.

    Tech facts:

  • The movie was photographed in 1.85:1 ratio. The frames above are the TV cropping, showing more on the vertical axis, top & bottom, and less on the horizontal. This compromises the ideal composition--a compromise we have come to accept, though the Director of Photography is never entirely comfortable with it.

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    The Cinematographer speaks:
    "This movie was an opportunity to work with one of the icons of the movies when I was a boy: Kirk Douglas. Scouting locations with him along the farmland next to the train tracks outside of Tucson was an experience like no other I've ever had. The story called for the most extensive stunt work I've ever filmed and had the challenge of shooting on and in a moving train. Inside, much of the source light was natural with lights on brackets clamped to various parts of the train for balance and depth.

    "These few images give a sense of the story line. Though I didn't film the entire movie, I did all the action and stunts in the first half (until the train's arrival in town), the moving train exterior and interior, the opening sequences. All the scenes included here are samples of my work."

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