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How do you keep track of the equities you think you might want to buy or sell? What would you think of a Windows program that turns all your notes, tips and memory joggers into a Hot list, a Warm list and a Cool list?

We call it 'Watch List'.

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Did you know you could have pop up reminders on your desktop? You could use this to remind yourself to check the market or current trading levels for stocks you're watching closely
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NewTEK Industries is no longer selling Compu/CHART. But, it is still using it for market analysis.

In 5 seconds, in some browsers, you will be redirected to our "Current Thinking" page where we offer weekly TA free of charge.

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Looking for more on TA?
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A charting program that gives you an approach to making buy-sell decisions based on a visual picture of trends and perceptions.

One of the things that brings people here is our "Current Thinking" on the market. Be sure to check it out before you go. See the link above