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Moonrise Kingdom
(At last, a Wes Anderson film
that turns the reviewer into a fan!)
Marvel's The Avengers
Faced with a powerful force that no one superhero could stop, they learn the power of teamwork.
Wrath of the Titans

A re-write of Greek Mythology that makes for an appealing Sci-fi adventure.
Real Steel

A boxer is displaced by fighting robots.
You Kill Me

One viewer's reaction to this video:
Wow! As an afficianado of movie reviews, to which I pay much attention, let me say that I'm greatly impressed with this YOUTUBE offering that you sent my way. You might end up on the Larry Mantel show--I hope so, anyway. Send a copy to him at KPCC. -- Jack
Ten 'til Noon

A noir mystery in which time is of the essence.
Cocaine Cowboys

Miami drowns in white powder.


An adventurous actress shows how it's done.
Our most watched video with over 610,000 views!
There's something special about this one.


A family comedy about... death?

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