VariaGallery / Snapshots from "The Return of the Living Dead" events

Pics from the events:

Creepcon, Baltimore, June, 2002:

James and Alba Karen

Many fans have tattoos of our movie. This one is the most detailed and largest I've seen.

It impressed Linnea and James, as well

The DVD signing, Dark Delicacies, Burbank, CA, 9/22/02

Beverly Randolph, as cute as ever

Alan Troutman, the Tarman

Don Calfa (back to us), Thom Matthews, James Karen
at the signing table

Don Calfa, front view

The technical section, Bill Stout (in back), Jules Brenner
A fan waits while he considers where to sign: Hey, this is serious work

And, the fans line up for the big guns (Dinah Cancer, singer, in fg)

Signing, signing

And, the occasional signs of levity

Is it any wonder that they love a camera?)

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