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A 'utility' is never a major application but, rather, a program that enables you to operate in the computer environment in a better, more efficient and/or more productive way.
When the programmer finds a way to solve a problem, simplify a procedure
or eliminate some complexity, he writes a utility.
~~ Jules Brenner
author/software developer

Please note: the following programs may not be compatible with
Vista, the new Windows operating system employing 64-bit technology.

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Keep track of all your login passwords, IDs and other registration data. All in one place on your desktop, ready with a click.

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Watch List

For market traders and investors, a desktop program that keeps track of the equities you want to keep your eye on. Your reminder list. Organized into "Hot Watch", "Warm Watch" and "Cool Watch" lists.

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For anyone who writes and particularly for those who submit their work to editors or judges. This program will give you a word count and a breakdown of the frequency with which you use words. For 200-250 Kb length files (article, short chapter, etc. -- but not whole books).

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At last, a way to check your work (& your employees' or children's). WORKCHEK shows you all the files that have been changed today or any previous day, revealing what's been going on 'under the hood'. Analyze what's taking up so much of your disk space, and why.

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When you're working at your desktop, do you forget things you need to do at certain times? Phone calls to make, pills to take, mail to check, etc., etc. Never again, with JB Utilities' Alert! Alerts will pop up right on your desktop. It even has SOUND! Increase your productivity.

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Except for DF, many of the programs here are just about obsolete except, perhaps, for old-machine users. It's for them we keep CDFREQ around for a little longer.

The DOS DIR command leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, we think it's better programming to cut down keystrokes whenever possible. We therefore created a far better and more powerful directory program, (to be used in a DOS-PROMPT [aka, "Command Prompt"] window) called DF (Directory Find).

A second featured utility is CDFreq. Many experienced DOS users have learned the value of running CHKDSK on a regular basis in order to maintain the efficient status of their hard drive. Some go so far as to run it in AUTOEXEC.BAT, which means running CHKDSK every time they boot or reboot. We believe that's better than forgetting to run it at all, but it can prove to be an excessive delay in the booting procedure when it's done that way. Our solution is to monitor the running of CHKDSK. CDFREQ (ChkDsk Frequency) does that. Check it out.

DF - a powerful, all purpose DOSPROMPT directory finder and disk utility that's far more powerful than Window's simple Find.

Here's a list of SOME of the capabilities of DF:

  • DF identifies file parameters without the "*" wild card, eliminating all but one shifted character;
  • will list as many as four different file parameters on one command (DF .EXE .COM .BAT .DOC);
  • will filter out specified file parameters (DF /F .HTM);
  • will list files by
    • size ("DF /S 22 80" lists all files between 22k and 80k)
    • with embedded strings ("DF 'SAM" lists all files that contain the string "SAM")
    • within an alphabetical range (DF D-L or DF MA-MO)
  • Files listed are color coded for easy identification by type.
  • Files are listed in two columns to put as much information on the screen at one time as possible
  • DF will show you disk space and usage for up to 5 drives on one report (DF = or DF = A B C D E);
  • it'll show you which files you changed or created today or within the last x number of days (DF -2);
  • it will list only new files of a certain type;
  • will list your subdirectories and show you the space used in each.
  • will aid your housecleaning by showing all files on all directories of your hard drive that have been changed on the current day (not for WinNT).
  • Enough? Believe it or not there's more it can do! And, it's only $12.95!

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    Now that you've seen what you can do with files and searches with DF, let me tell you about our latest file finder program with the reverse initials, FD or, Find (latest files in a) Directory . That is, FD will list all files that have been altered in any directory (or, folder) you're in for the current day or previous days.

    If you're in your MyArticles directory, for example, where you create and save your writing for various outlets, or in your DOWNLOAD folder where all your downloads are saved, you just type (on the command line) FD, and you'll get all articles or downloads dated today. But, that's not all. With the "-" (or minus) character, you can tell FD to go back any number of days to search for previous work or downloads. Thus, if it's 9/12, FD -6 will list all files saved on 9/6, with file size and time! This doesn't apply to all directories on your drive -- only the folder you're in.

    Depending on how much work you do in DOS, you may find this to be the only way to find particular files when you've forgotten the filename(s) and can't use search. If you have a website and create and/or change files for uploading to your server, FD can tell you which files need to be FTPed.

    We'll make FD available for only $10 (until further notice). Order FormSecure Order and Comment Form

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    CDFREQ - Check your drive for lost clusters and correct operating conditions -- but not so often that you're always waiting for it.

    By automating CHKDSK and also by controlling its frequency, you combine the value of a proper maintenance procedure with efficiency. CDFREQ allows you to control the running of DOS's CHKDSK utility anywhere from once a day to once a week. (We like every 3 days).

    Even with once a day, you improve efficiency. You don't rerun CHKDSK if it's already run for that day and you need to reboot.

    This is of benefit to those who boot directly into Windows as well as those who work in DOS.

    The automation is accomplished by putting CDFREQ on your root directory or anywhere in the path and then simply adding the line: CDFREQ /f to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. This can be done manually or with the installation program that comes with the utility. Only $22.95

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    Text Manipulation programs
    The usefulness of DOS programs declines with every new computer user as those of us who grew up with DOS become fewer and fewer on a percentage and absolute number basis. Even we who love, understand and know how to use DOS -- even in the Windows environment -- slowly change to all windows applications. Be that as it may, we still find ourselves going to DOS for text manipulation because we can't find programs that do these things. Here are some of the text manipulation programs I've written in order to convert, arrange and rearrange text. If any of them interest you, contact us via email with any questions you may have. They vary in price from $9.95 to $19.95 with discounts for more than one per order.

    ASCIIER     Filters out ASCII (text) characters from any binary file,
                creating a new file.  This includes word processor documents.
    DELTAGS     Strips out HTML tags from HTML document pages.
    DELMARG     Deletes unwanted blank spaces on left margin
    DELSTRNG    Deletes a line containing a specific string
    DELLINE     Deletes blank lines
    DELLEFT     Deletes a specified number of characters from the beginning of lines
    MOVESTRG    Moves part of a line of text to the beginning
                    Useful in rearranging a listing, such as in long file names
    ADDNUMB     Numbers lines in a document.  Great for an unnumbered list
    ADDCRLF     Adds carriage returns to every line in a text document
                    Has the effect of a space between lines in most cases
    REVERSIT    Flips lines in a document top to bottom
    CLEANHTM    Filters out HTML tags from a webpage file
    DIR2TEXT    A Windows program that converts a directory listing of files to a text file
                    for editing and printing.  Very useful for MP3 collections, simple to use.
    This will give a sense of the kinds of text manipulations we've had a need for and the kinds of custom programs we can write for other, specific needs. Contact us with your specific need and for a quote.

    Turn your computer into
    calendar central with Alert!

    Shareware section
    MUV is a DOS file mover utility program that differs from other file move programs in 4 ways: The first, which may seem like a limitation, is that it works on only one file at a time and does not observe wild cards. Second, if the move is going to overprint an existing file, it shows the existing file, its size and date in the target directory before doing the move, giving you the vital information you may need to abort the command. Third, it doesn't require the backslash character ("\") in order to tell DOS that you're talking about a subdirectory target, not a file. Finally, you can change the filename as you move it.

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