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"The Amazing Howard Hughes" is from the book co-written by Hughes' business manager, Noah Dietrich, "Howard: The Amazing Mr. Hughes."

Director: William A. Graham
Screenplay: John Gay.
Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Ed Flanders, James Hampton, Tovah Feldshuh, Lee Purcell

Shot in and around Hollywood and Warner Bros. (Burbank). A Roger Gimble production for EMI Teelevision Programs, Inc.

Before "The Aviator" this was the most definitive film portrait of Hughes and his legend.

Frames from the TV movie,

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Cinematographer: Jules Brenner
Filmography on IMDB

Love blooms amidst the terror Inside, at last A little re-engineering This little toy could come in handy Meeting Kate Who is this strange dude? Let me just drive away from this guy At the Ambassador What, Pete's left? Out in the desert The boss is acting weirder than ever Things are closing in Approaching final stages Planning more secrecy? Everyone thinks he's dead End title

"Hollywood film making is a pressure cooker where egos, personalities, time pressure sometimes produces discontent. Cinematographers sometimes become prime targets for replacement, sometimes because their work isn't up to a director's expectation, or they're not working fast enough for a producers budget, or for purely political reasons. Not saying what caused the original cinematographer to get fired, it was my good fortune to be the replacement. In my time on this production, these are some of the scenes I had the good fortune to photograph. One greatly enjoyable aspect of it was in working with Tommy Lee Jones in such an early a part of his career. It was his 11th project and he was 31.

I was also gratified that the MOW was considered good enough for overseas release as a feature film.

                                                                               ~~ Jules Brenner
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The Amazing Howard Hughes is an all-but-forgotten TV-movie with at least some mild curiosity value. Jones acquits himself well in the title role and interest in the movie may increase if Scorsese's Aviator ever gets off the ground.

-- Adam Jahnke -

Hopefully, with the interest generate by Scorcese's new movie, someone will do a proper release of this very interesting telling of the Hughes story.

-- K. Seamon, on Amazon

Tovah Feldshuh does a fine Katharine Hepburn impersonation.

-- DVD Verdict

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