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"Cinematographer: Jules Brenner
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Camera credit Morning mass at the river, sons return Beth the photographer Two Families Very concerned father Not so concerned son Two brothers, different agendas Some last words before takeoff Disagreement in the dorm He's not so serious about his future He sees consequences Trouble brewing Caught in the riot Watching Commencement address No, no acid What a drag, gotta drop alone The flying young man on acid The Pieman The hippie van and the couple First time for everything Hmmm... should I? Look who it is Is it an elopement? Ready to hit the road Ralph works out in his cell You want my sister?! Don't be a jerk Where are we going? We need victory A happy ending

Ernest Thompson wrote "1969" as an original screenplay. It was his first directorial feature after winning the Tony Award and the Oscar for the play and screenplay of "On Golden Pond."
Produced by Daniel Grodnick and Bill Badalato in 1988, released the following year.
Shot in South Carolina and Georgia.
Running Time: 1 hr 36 mins.

Principal Cast: Kieffer Sutherland, Winona Ryder, Robert Downey, Jr., Bruce Dern, Mariette Hartley, Joanna Cassidy

Technical note about the images: These frames were captured from the DVD, released in June, 2002. The original aspect ratio of 1.85:1 is preserved in these sample frames.

"One of the greatest things about photographing this movie was the opportunity to work with such a powerful and accomplished ensemble cast. The careers of these actors were in various stages of development and, of course, the 3 principals went on to firm up their place among our most popular stars and make cinema history.

"There's much to be said for the brilliant supporting players, all well established, solid performers. They brought considerable creative stimulation, which you see enriching the movie.

"The film has not done so well despite such creative power but I'm hoping the DVD release will bring attention to it for the modest scale of the production, the important issues it addresses and the early performances of these actors."

                                                                               ~~ Jules Brenner

Robert Downey Jr., Kiefer Sutherland, Bruce Dern, Winona Ryder, Mariette Hartley star in a movie about the Music, The Anger (Remember Riots & Revolution in the streets), and The Innocence of a generation who believed they could change the world! At the end of the 1960s, Scott and Ralph, two college kids from a stuffy, upper-middle class suburban town, decide to spend the summer on the road, living out of their van and experiencing all the freedom the counterculture (Hippie) has to offer. Family conflicts and the harsh realities of the war in Vietnam, however, interfere with their idyll. Scott's older brother, who Scott self-rightously criticized for going to war, is reported missing in action and then comes home in a casket. Then Ralph is arrested for stealing his file from the draft board to avoid duty. Before their "last summer of innocence" is over, Scott and Ralph learn that there's more to being radicals than just drop out and tuning in. If you were there or wish you had been 1969 is the movie for you!

The solid performances by the three main actors, along with Thompson's ability to beautifully capture the landscape more than make up for the weak ending and contrived action in the final act. 1969 is a compelling film because it accurately portrays the struggles of the `60s counter-culture while telling an interesting story about the strength of friendship and family. What appears to be an unbreakable friendship between the two young men is given the ultimate test as the most controversial war in the past half century forces them to see how far they will go to save their friendship and stay true to their ideals.
                                                                                  ~~  Derek Smith / Apollo Guide

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