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Johnny Got His Gun Page Sample frames: "Johnny Got His Gun"

Salem's Lot Page Sample frames: "Salem's Lot"

The Return of the 
Living Dead Sample frames: "The Return of the Living Dead"

Dillinger Page Sample frames: "Dillinger!"

1969 Page Sample frames: "1969"

Howard Hughes Page Sample frames: "The Amazing Howard Hughes"

Posse Page Sample frames: "Posse"

"Johnny Got His Gun" has won (at last count) 17 international film awards, including 3 at Cannes.

Jules Brenner is available for feature, tv and commercial assignments
(more credits on request) as well as digital and still projects.
He can be contacted via email:

Another film (TV MOW) photographed by Jules Brenner that is now available on DVD & video is
"Truman Capote's The Glass House"
(Stars Alan Alda, Vic Morrow, Billy Dee Williams, Kris Tabori).
This was a landmark TV drama, exploring the harsh territory of prison life in a way not yet permitted on TV to that time (1975).
Here's a brief review found on the web:
Summary: Exceptional Early TV

This is Morrow's best role. Alda's best role and Gulager's best role. The most believable prison movie ever made. No heroes here just heavy reality crammed into 90 minutes on network tv! Makes "The Shawshank Redemption" look like "Mary Poppins". Kudos to Morrow (the most vile characterization ever captured on film). Think "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" without the comic relief. Too depressing to make my top 10 list but it's in the top 20.

You can order your copy at now as well as see the review(s) and technical details with a simple click:

The DVD ($19.99 ~ 20% off list)

The Video ($16.99 ~ 15% off list)

Also seen at Amazon, available on VHS video:

"Outlaw Blues"

with Peter Fonda and Susan St. James

Also available on DVD:

Helter Skelter DVD
Helter Skelter
The 1979 original production
on DVD

<-- yes, that's Laurence Fishburne
Cornbread, Earl And Me

A 12-year-old is traumatized by the murder of his friend, a star basketball player.

Additional Information
Stars: Laurence Fishburne (his first movie role), Bernie Casey, Keith Wilkes (ex-Laker),
Moses Gunn, Rosalind Cash, Stefan Gierasch, Madge Sinclair

Copyright: 1974, MGM
Genre: Drama
Video Format: 1.85:1

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