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Hello and welcome to feedback notes pertaining to Critical Mystery Tour. What you'll find here are policies formulated from comments or feedback concerning this site, errors in text or links, or errors in a particular review. Feel free to be constructively critical or supportively complimentary.

Please use the link below to send me an email message on any subject covered here. It should be noted that I won't respond to listserv messages or marketing campaigns other than with this message to explain book submission queries and other Critical Mystery Tour policies.

The term, "mysteries" as applied here, should be understood as hard-edged suspense crime thrillers, not mysteries of the universe, cults, religions, the human soul, romance, etc. Think Michael Connelly, Stieg Larsson, Harlan Coben, Robert Crais, James Patterson.

Authors of books in any genre may advertise their books on Critical Mystery Tour. Please note that publicists whose books I review will have their eyes on the site just to check out what was said about their authors' book. You may want to have your book displayed when they, and readers of mystery, pay a visit.

Query me at the email address below with some idea of what your ad may contain, your visualization of it, duration, etc. Or, just send your text and make an offer. We'll get the book cover art, put it together and send you a temp page with your ad for your confirmation.

Because the quantity of books which I receive for review from publishing houses exceeds my reading capacity for pre-release reviewing, I can't encourage authors whose work I'm not familiar with to submit their books for review, unless...

Books submitted by authors stand a chance of review if they are major mystery award winners (Edgar, Shamus, etc.); or if the author has had a prior book on major best seller lists; or if the author has a well established following in the genre whose work I should get familiar with.

Authors who have not yet attained that exalted level but want the kind of feedback, analysis and exposure that a review would provide, I offer this service for a fee of $200 per book. It may be paid by check accompanying the submission of a physical book or via Paypal for a physical book or digital copy (Kindle, e-book, PDF, etc). This will not affect the objectivity of the review nor would you want it to if professional evaluation is what you're after. The fee is for the time and the prioritizing.

A strong, positive reading (extremely and appropriately inventive, never a dull moment, etc.) may (emphasize MAY) merit my posting an abstract from the review to other outlets (see below).

A strongly negative reading or a book deemed not to belong within the mystery/crime genre may result in no review posting at all. The fee will, however, cover a private email report. The author submits his or her book with that understanding and that, to cover the time involved, the fee is not refundable.

Please do not put me on a mailing list. This would only negate any chance of unpaid-for coverage. Alternate payment (subject to cancellation) for Kindle and eBook authors :
If you have a Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, etc. in good working order and are thinking of replacing it with a newer model, (or have done so) email me for approval to send it as a potential review fee for your book. Since these devices in used condition go for far less than the $200 fee, this could amount to a big saving for the author or a convenience. Email me with any questions about this program (link below).

If you're an author whose book I've reviewed, please accept my invitation to give me your reaction to what I've written about it and, most certainly, corrections if I got anything wrong. I'll consider anything you have to say as instructive! Please use the email address below to contact me.

(For feedback I've received go here).

For linking to this site from yours, our link code is here. Direct any questions to the email address below. If you're not familiar or experienced with HTML code, or have difficulty with ours, let us know. We'll be glad to work with you to set it up. In most cases, we'll provide a reciprocal link.

Besides appearing on this site, I select some of my reviews for publication in other outlets, both online and in print. I maintain a Facebook page devoted to Critical Mystery Tour, for example. My book reviews have been published in 9ine Magazine, Mystery Scene Magazine, Daily Variety, Reuters,, the Sacramento News & Review, PopMatters,, and a number of local newspapers in Los Angeles. I welcome offers from print and/or online publications for the use of my reviews on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

All reviews posted here and the "Jules Brenner's Critical Mystery Tour" designation are Copyright 2005-2016 Jules Brenner. I don't mind being quoted. In fact, I encourage it. All I ask is for quotes to be brought to my attention, and ask that you send me a link or tearsheet for any quote you use from my review(s). A brief email note with a JPG (or JPEG) reproduction of a book jacket or internal book quote attached would make my day. Direct your notice to the email link below.

Book cover illustrations appearing in the reviews are copyrighted by the publisher and my use of them do not imply any rights.

Quote attribution should be:

                ~~ Jules Brenner,
                   Critical Mystery Tour
Full reviews in whole or in part (more than a paragraph) may not be reprinted or transferred to any medium without prior permission. Paid reviews are automatically granted that permission as a means of marketing. Again, please direct notices and requests to the link below.

Jules Brenner is currently available as a book reviewer for publications online and in print, foreign and domestic, staff or freelance.

I hope this covers the subject or subjects that brought you here. If not, feel free to inquire further. I certainly hope you enjoyed reading the review that you may have clicked on to get here, or got something useful out of it.

Yours, for the good read!

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