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Photographer/Cinematographer/Imagist: Jules Brenner

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Photography/Computer Imaging
Approx. 8x8, Dye Sublimation print (silver halide)

©1995 Jules Brenner. All rights reserved.

At Her Place

At Her Place

Photography/Computer Imaging
Approx. 8x10, Dye Sublimation print (silver). From a b&w original negative.

©1995 Jules Brenner. All rights reserved.

Mon Jardin

Mon Jardin (My Garden)

Photography/Computer Imaging
Approx. 7x10, Dye Sublimation print

©1995 Jules Brenner. All rights reserved.

National Fabric

National Fabric

Scanography (No photography involved)

Price negotiable, depending on use, size and/or application. Available in sizes up to 36" x 48".
©1996 Jules Brenner. All rights reserved.

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Email us for more information about upcoming exhibitions, availability for future exhibitions, for more samples, etc. We'll be very pleased to post additional pages of thumbnail samples--of traditional photography, black & white and color, as well as photo-computer and scanography work--for art directors, gallery directors, advertising & stock agencies, etc. (Link to email below).

'SHOWCASE' ARTICLE about Jules Brenner and his work. August 1997.

Press release about SIGNING with SuperStock! December 1998. And an article his stock photo illustrated.

Are you interested in the subject of file compression? Want to get .JPEG, LZW, GIF sorted out? Read this article by Jules Brenner... on the subject of file compression methods. Published in the November 1997 issue of The Venturian.

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