One-man & group shows, Photography, Computer-enhanced Photography, pure Digital Imagery.


March 6 to March 30 "Jules Brenner: From Traditional to Digital" An exhibition of traditional black and white photography from the 50's to his most recent digital imagery.

Venue: California State University at Northridge

April 22 to May 21 Same work.

Venue: Cafe Bizou, Sherman Oaks, CA

May 27 to July 9 "A Retrospective of Life"; An American photographer looking at life from 1946 to 1995, from Bunker Hill to the bottom of the sea.

Venue: Unity Arts Gallery, Wm. Reagh Los Angeles Photography Center

July 30 to November 20 "Photography Los Angeles Now" Group show in multiple concurrent locations throughout Los Angeles in coordination with the Los Angeles County Museum.

Venues: Unity Arts Gallery and the Spring Street Gallery, 333 So. Spring St. Downtown Los Angeles


February 14 "Love in the Flesh", a group show including photography, paintings, and other forms of expression. "Psychic Synapses" was given special prominence in this exhibition event.

Venue: Unity Arts Gallery, Wm. Reagh Los Angeles Photography Center, 412 South Park View, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (213) 383-7342.

May 7 to 10 ~ GUTENBERG EXPO. LaserMaster Corp. & Saturn Graphics sponsored a booth devoted to my work as output on LaserMaster's new 8-color head printer, the DesignWinder. The "mini-gallery" display was used to showcase the possibilities of prints made with this new technology for the digital artist and for exhibition purposes. Prints of my latest work were made on acid-free, archival paper and special pigmented inks designed for long life. This was the only booth at the exposition devoted to the exhibition side of the graphics art community and I felt honored to have my work be so recognized.

Venue: Long Beach Convention Center.

July 9 to 30 "The Essence of Blue", a group exhibition. Two of my pieces fit the theme of this exhibition: "Train Station" (1976/1994) and "Malibu in Blue" (1968).
Venue: Museum of Arts Downtown Los Angeles, Standard Oil Building, 605 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles.

August 9 "Art Expo 2000 Art exhibit and silent auction for the Crippled Children's Society" (one day event).
Venue: 201 So. Kinneloa Ave., Pasadena.


April 8 to May 16th ~ Castillon Gallery, West Los Angeles
One-man exhibition.


December 17 The Nettle Society: "NEW IMAGERY: Where art and technology meet", talk and presentation of digital work.

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