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Philips CDRW460 CD Burner Drive (Used)

Computer Software
Adobe Photoshop 5.0
Linux Operating System by Redhat

Educational Software
History of Music
Classical Music Collection

Other Software
WORDFREQ - word analysis for writers
Alert! - the daily reminder and calendar program

WINE FACTS - Learn the whys and wherefores

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Notes: Scanners are available in models for the PC or MAC. The difference is in cabling, controllers (PCs), software and the manuals. When ordering, be sure to specify which platform you're using.

We do not carry spare parts such as cables, controllers, driver upgrades and the like. We can offer some technical support (via email) for hardware purchased from us. If you have not purchased from us, the manufacturers should be contacted for these services.

All sales are subject to supply and availability.

Testimonials: We occasionally get follow up letters from our satisfied customers, both for the equipment AND for our quick service. Here are some samples:
"Just wanted to say Thank you for getting the scanner to me as quickly as you did. Photoshop is a very powerful program, worthy of study and very rewarding. Thanks!" ~~Rosebud Secretarial/Desktop Publishing Service, Roseville, CA

"Thanx for your help. It is greatly appreciated. I owe you one beer." ~~WJO

"I received the Scanmaker this morning... Now I would like to ask for a quote on the Kodak 8650 PS printer." ~~JW

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Scanning Service: If you're not quite ready to buy your own scanner but need some scanning, we offer this service at $10 per scan up to 10 mg file size and $1 per mg after that. Scans will be made on the ScanMaker E6. Original materials may be prints, transparencies and/or negatives. Get your pictures on your web page now! Contact us via email and tell us what you need.
Our default shipping mode is Priority Mail. Faster services are available on request. Upon receiving your order we will send you email to confirm it and to give you the shipping charges for faster service (and tax, if applicable).

No international sales on hardware products because of manufacturer restrictions, customs fees and requirements, specs (such as 220v) often not available in domestic distribution channels and very high shipping costs, we do not ship out of the U.S.

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