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. "My Date With Drew"

This is a case of a man trying to break into the film industry as a director with no startup money, no script, no means to acquire one, and no chance he'll give up before even getting started. What he does have is an everyman's charm, a promoter's audacity (hidden behind a shy nature) and the intelligence to dope out how to draw attention from the industry crowd. This is craft that's well adapted to the challenges.

His technique is to record everything, but with what? In a case of resourcefulness meeting up with a dismissal of scruples, he and his production partners Jon Gunn and Brett Winn "buy" a digital camera from Circuit City whose 30-day return policy gives them their shooting schedule and their final act... its return. With this redemption, which has no redeeming qualities that anyone should emulate, they have turned the electronics store into a pawn shop.

Believing in the possibilities that there could be something in the concept of "six degrees of separation," they set out by phoning everyone they know who might know someone who knows... etc. They come up with Herzlinger fawningly interviewing luminaries such as Corey Feldman and Eric Roberts, two who are not, alas, in a position to connect him to his heartthrob.

There's much wasted effort and enough filler material to let you know that the footage we're seeing is the best of the miles of guerilla camera exerpts and episodes they manage to record, but despite its sometimes flagging nature and desperate standards, the team is determined to make a feature length movie out of it. Only that will, with the possible score of Ms. Barrymore, provide any chance to attract attention and bootstrap a career. These boys might be a little sappy, but they're not stupid. In fact, the sappiness is an act and they've got the approach to "breaking in" nailed.

If you don't mind some wickedly good-natured fare with a satisfying dessert and a heartwarming showcase of free market ingenuity, and if you're willing to pay out what you must to see it, you should. It's a happy little adventure, and you may just be getting in on the ground floor of a new career.

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                                      ~~  Jules Brenner  


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