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Plaudits for book reviews by Jules Brenner
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Not many authors would contact a critic to thank them for a review, no matter how agreeable they might find it. So, I take it as particularly significant when a novelist takes a leap across that chasm to express their appreciation for something I wrote. Here are a few who did that, along with others in the business of books who had a kind word for what I do.

"I just read your stunning review of my book, and I wanted to thank you, not only for the wonderful things that you said about Tabula Rasa, but also for your interesting synopsis, which was quite unlike any that I have read.

                                      ~~ Shelly Reuben
                                         Author, "Tabula Rasa"
Anyone who visits Critical Mystery Tour with regularity knows my regard for David Fulmer's work and, as he made clear when he read my review of "Jass," the feeling became mutual. But what he writes about my review of his more recent "The Blue Door" is beyond any expectation. Here's his email message in its entirety:

I just found out that first printing of the The Blue Door has sold out and the second print run has been ordered. I want to extend a personal word of thanks to you for helping move this one down the track. It's now getting good buzz all over the country, but it started with you and a few others. And for that, I'm deeply grateful.

Wow! An incredible honor. Previously:

"A friend passed this on to me. Thanks for a really insightful, cut to the chase review. And for the further kind words about CDT and Jass. And I like your style."

                                      ~~ David Fulmer
                                         Author, "Jass"
"Thanks for the superb review -- as usual, on point. I sent it directly to NY.
                                      ~~ David Fulmer
                                         Re: "The Blue Door" (2008)
!Still in Shock!... Because I just found out that The Blue Door has been nominated for the 2009 Shamus Award for Best Novel. Eddie, Sal, and I say "thanks."
                                         df (8/22/09)
"I appreciate your eloquent comments. (Glad you like bluegrass, too.)"
                                      ~~ Ed Lynskey, 
                                         Author, "The Blue Cheer"
"JB, thanks for taking the time to review Hooked. It's valuable to have an experienced reader invest himself in assessing my creation. I appreciate being among the select group of accomplished authors you've included on your review list and I'm heartened to hear you'll read me again. The next one is coming."
                                      ~~ Matt Richtel, 
                                         Author, "Hooked"
"Your review of my book has been faxed to every studio office in New York and here, in Hollywood."
                                      ~~ Andrew J. Fenady
                                         Author, "A. Night In Hollywood Forever"
(On September 20, 2006, Mr. Fenady took out an ad in Daily Variety featuring the book and my review in its entirety. To view it, click HERE.
The ad later ran in the November 2006 issue of Mystery Scene Magazine, #97, p.15)

"Dear Mr. Brenner,
Thanks so much for the review of 'Gold of Kings', which I have read with great interest. Your insight is remarkable. I love what you have to say about Leon, and the film comparison. I've also made note of your comments about descriptions. That was a particular issue with me...

                                         Warmly, Davis"
                                      ~~ Davis Bunn, author, "Gold of Kings"
"Dear Jules Brenner,
Thank you so much for a marvelous and moving review. I'm practically blown away. Your summary of the story and its concepts, not always an easy feat to pull off, are outstanding. I don't take any of it for granted.
                                         Best wishes"
                                      ~~ Kwei Quartey, author, "Wife of the Gods"

(8/30/09) Mr. Quartey's debut novel hits the L.A. Times Best Seller List!

And, from the people who send the books for review and editors who print the ones submitted to them:

"That's a cool review!"

                                      ~~ Gregory Henry
                                         Harcourt Trade Publicity"
                                         (Re: "A. Night in Hollywood Forever")
This is great for you! Thank you for making sure I saw this. I'm circ'ing it to my dept. You're definitely in our database, and we send all of our favorite mysteries your way. Best,
                                      ~~ Julia Prosser,
Re: "The Way Some People Die" by Ross MacDonald:
"(and a great review, too! Thank you!)"
                                      ~~ Julia Baxter,
"I enjoyed your review of THE JUROR by John Grisham... I work for Joseph Finder and I would like to send you an advance reader's copy of his new book KILLER INSTINCT."
                                      ~~ Sarah Blodgett
                                         Author's Assistant
"I enjoyed reading your reviews and we'd be happy to have you join us as a reviewer."
                                      ~~ Jackie Acampura
                                         Book Review Editor
                                         Mystery Scene Magazine
"Brilliantly written, Jules. You made me want to read it ("Hold Tight" by Harlan Coben), and you know I don't read Mystery. Here's the link: ''"
                                      ~~ Mark Flanagan
                                Contemporary Literature
"Thanks so much for the review, it's great!"
                                         Tiffany Schofield, Editor
                                         Five Star Publishing & Thorndike Press
                                         (Re: "A. Night in Hollywood Forever")
"Thanks. A very good review!"
                                      ~~ Andrea Sisco
                                         Armchair Interviews
                                         (Re: "Skinny Dip" by Carl Hiaasen)
"We've read your reviews, and have found them to contain exactly what we love in a well written critique, and we'd be quite interested in having you join our staff!"
                                      ~~ Stephanie Padilla
                                         Editor, Internet Mystery Magazine
"I enjoyed your review of Los Angeles Noir... so I am personally offering you a complimentary copy of [my new book] in advance of publication with the hope that you will kindly consider reviewing it."
                                      ~~ Charles Salzberg
                                         Author, "Swann's Last Song" 
                                         nominated for a Shamus Award for 
                                         Best New PI Novel
[See below for Mr. Salzberg's response to my review.]

"Your grammar is absolutely perfect, and your writing is very elegant."

                                      ~~ Tamsen Tilsen
                                         Editor, Suite

Re: Review of James Sheehan's The Mayor of Lexington Avenue

Thank you for your excellent review of The Mayor of Lexington Avenue. I discovered the book quite by accident and couldn't believe I hadn't heard of the book or the author. After reading the book I wanted to tell the world that it existed. After "Googling" the author I discovered your review and realized that someone else had already given due praise. Thank you. Thank you also for including in your review the fact that James Sheehan was associated with the Terri Schievo [SIC] litigation.

A job well done! I just order Sheehan's next book. After reading the last two John Grisham (such a waste of time) I totally concur with you that we have a new and rising star to take his place.

Thanks again.

                                      ~~ Dennis W. Sawyer
                                         A reader

Re: Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Do you get paid for your reviews? Well, I read yours and you ought to get paid. Awesome job! You sold me. I'll be reading the book. The title caught my eye at the bookstore along with that super-bright yellow cover. Yahoo for great marketing. But I'm even more excited to read it. Thank you for the GREAT review. Any other book suggestions you'd like to toss my way will always be welcome. Take care--Donna

                                      ~~ Donna C.
                                         A Shelfari reader (9/25/09)

"Again, thanks so much for the perceptive review of Swann Dives In. Here's an ARC of my next book, Devil in the Hole."

                                      ~~ Charles Salzberg
                                         Author, "Swann's Last Song" 
                                         nominated for a Shamus Award for 
                                         Best New PI Novel

[CMT note: Mr. Salzberg sent this (3/12/13) despite the fact that my review of "Swann's Last Song" was somewhat critical. I say, "good for him" for accepting a reviewer's objectivity. Well done, by a pro.

"Jules, I don't know when you wrote the review of Caravan of Thieves, but I just happened across it. Thank you. Very nice."

                                      ~~ David Rich
                                         Author, "Caravan of Thieves"

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