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12.21 (by Dustin Thomason-2012)
3rd Degree (James Patterson-2004)(=)
47th Samurai, The (Stephen Hunter)
6th Target, The (James Patterson, Maxine Paetro-2007)
61 Hours (Lee Child-2010)
7th Heaven (James Patterson & Maxine Paetro-2008)
18 Seconds (George D. Shuman-2006) (+)
A Drop of the Hard Stuff (Lawrence Block-2011)(-)
A Fatal Debt (by John Gapper-2012) (+)
A Hole In Juan (Gillian Roberts-2006) (-)
A Possibility of Violence (D.A. Mishani-2014)
A Race Against Death (Timothy Sheard-2006) (-)
A. Night in Hollywood Forever (Andrew J. Fenady-2006) (=)
A Serpent's Tooth (by Craig Johnson-2013)
A Single Shot (by Matthew F. Jones-2011 reprint)
A Wanted Man (by Lee Child-2012)
Abomination, The (by Jonathan Holt-2013)
Accident, The (by Linwood Barclay-2011)(+)
Act of Treason (Vince Flynn-2006) (=)
Adversary, The (Michael Walters-2009)
Affair, The (by Lee Child-2011)(+)
Agent 6 (by Tom Rob Smith-2012) (+)
All I Did Was Shoot My Man (by Walter Mosley-2013)
All Necessary Force (by Brad Taylor-2012
Already Dead (Charlie Huston-2005) (+)
Amagansett (Mark Mills-2004)
Amateur Spy, The (Dan Fesperman-2008)
American Assassin (Vince Flynn-2010)
American Outrage (Tim Green-2007)
Another Time, Another Life (by Leif GW Persson-2012)
Any Other Name (Craig Johnson-2014)
Archive 17 (by Sam Eastland-2012)
Ash & Bone (John Harvey-2005)
Asylum City (Liad Shoham-2014)
Bad Business (Robert B. Parker-2004)
Bad Luck and Trouble (Lee Child-2007)
Ballistic (by Mark Greaney-2011)
Beat the Reaper (Josh Bazell-2009) (+)
Betrayers (Bill Pronzini-2010)
Black & White and Dead All Over (John Darnton-2008)
Black Box, The (by Michael Connelly-2012)
Black Thunder (by Aimee & David Thurlo-2011)
Blackbird Papers, The (Ian Smith-2004)
Blasphemy (Douglas Preston-2008)
Bleeding Hearts (Ian Rankin-2006)
Blindfold Game (Dana Stabenow-2006)
Blonde Faith (Walter Mosley-2007) (=)
Blood Hunt (Ian Rankin-2006)
Blood Line (by Lynda La Plante-2012)
Blood Trail (C.J. Box-2008)
Bloodmoney (David Ignatius-2011)(+)
Blue Cheer, The (Ed Lynskey-2007)
Blue Door, The (David Fulmer-2008)
Blue Monday (by Nicci French-2012)
Blue Screen (Robert B. Parker-2006)
Bodies Left Behind, The (Jeffery Deaver-2008)
Body of Lies (David Ignatius-2007) (+)
Book of Fate, The (Brad Meltzer-2006)
Border Lords, The (T. Jefferson Parker-2011) (+)
Bourne Betrayal, The (Eric Van Lustbader-2007)
Bourne Legacy, The (Eric Van Lustbader-2004)
Boxer and the Spy, The (Robert B. Parker-2008)
Brass Verdict, The (Michael Connelly-2008)
Bred To Kill (Franck Thilliez-2015
Broken Window, The (Jeffery Deaver-2008)
Broker, The (John Grisham-2005) (=)
Bruno, Chief of Police (Martin Walker-2010)
Burn (James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge-2014)
The Burning Room (Michael Connelly-2014)
Burning Wire, The (Jeffery Deaver-2010) (+)
Bury the Lead (David Rosenfelt-2004)
California Fire and Life (Don Winslow-2007) (+)
California Girl (T. Jefferson Parker-2004)
Caper (Parnell Hall-2010) (-)
Capitol Betrayal (William Bernhardt-2010)
Caravan of Thieves (by David Rich-2012)
Carte Blanche (Jeffery Deaver-2011)
Chasing Darkness (Robert Crais-2008)
Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot (Ace Atkins-2014)
Chicago Way, The (Michael Harvey-2007)
Child 44 (Tom Rob Smith-2008)
Choke Point (by Ridley Pearson-2013)
Cinnamon Kiss (Walter Mosley-2005)
Closers, The (Michael Connelly-2005)
Cockroaches (Jo Nesbo-2014)
Cold Hit (Stephen J. Cannell-2005)
Cold Moon, The (Jeffrey Deaver-2006)
Cold Service (Robert B. Parker-2005)
Cold Shot (Mark Henshaw-2014)
Collectors, The (David Baldacci-2006)
Collini Case, The (by Ferdinand von Schirach-2013)
Coma (Alex Garland-2004)
Company Man (Joseph Finder-2005) (=)
Con Ed (Matthew Klein-2007)
Confession, The (John Grisham)
Creole Belle (by James Lee Burke-2012) (++)
Cripple Creek (James Sallis-2006)
Cross (James Patterson-2006)
Crusader's Cross (James Lee Burke-2005) (=)
Cuckoo's Calling, The (by Robert Galbraith, aka J.K. Rowlings-2013)
Damage (John Lescroart-2011) (+)
Damnation Street (Andrew Klavan-2006)
Dark Harbor (Stuart Woods-2006)
Dark Justice (Jack Higgins-2004) (-)
Darkness & Light (John Harvey-2006)
Dawn Patrol, The (Don Winslow-2008)
Days of Rage (Brad Taylor-2014)
Dead Before Dying (Deon Meyer-2006) (+)
Dead Connection (Alafair Burke--2007)
Dead Ex (Harley Jane Kozak-2007) (-)
Dead Eye (Mark Greaney-2013)
Dead or Alive (Michael McGarrity-2008)
Dead Watch (John Sandford-2006)
Deceit (James Siegel-2007) (-)
Deception (Jonathan Kellerman-2010)
Death in West Wheeling (Michael Allen Dymmoch-2006) (=)
Death Notice (Todd Ritter-2010)
Devil's Peak (Deon Meyer-08)
Dexter's Final Cut (Jeff Lindsay-2013)
Dexter Is Delicious (Jeff Lindsay-2010) (+)
Dexter In the Dark (Jeff Lindsay-2007) (+)
Director, The (David Ignatius-2014
Dispatcher, The (by Ryan David Jahn-2011)
Double Cross (James Patterson-2007)
Drop, The (by Michael Connelly-2011)
Drummer, The (Anthony Neil Smith-2006)
Dying Crapshooter's Blues, The (David Fulmer-2007) (=)
[Interview with David Fulmer]
Dynamite Road (Andrew Klavan-2003)
Echo Park (Michael Connelly-2006) (=)
Edenville Owls, The (Robert B. Parker-2007)
Enemy, The (Tom Wood-2013)
Enemy, The (Lee Child-2004)
Enemy of God, The (Robert Daley-2005)
Enemy of Mine (by Brad Taylor-2013)
Ever-Running Man,The (Marcia Muller-2007) (-)
Evidence (Jonathan Kellerman-2009)
Errand Boy, The (Don Bredes-2009)
Every Last Drop (Charlie Huston-2008)
Evil That Men Do, The (Dave White-2008)
Executor, The (Jesse Kellerman)
Exile, The (Allan Folsom-2004) (+)
Exposure (Kurt Wenzel-2007)
Eye of Vengeance (Jonathan King-2006)
Fall, The (David Fulmer-2010)
False Impression (Jeffrey Archer-2006)
Fault Line (Barry Eisler-2009)
Fear (Jeff Abbott-2006)
Fear of the Dark (Walter Mosley-2006)
Feast Day of Fools (by James Lee Burke-2011)(+)
Fiddlers (Ed McBain-2005) (-)
Fifth Assassin, The (by Brad Meltzer-2013)
Fifth Floor, The (Michael Harvey-2008)
Fifth Witness, The (Michael Connelly-2011)(+)
Final Warning, The (James Patterson-2008)
First Family (David Baldacci-2009) (-)
First Rule, The (Robert Crais-2010) (+)
Flesh & Blood (John Harvey [PB]-2006)
Fortunate Son (Walter Mosley-2006)
Free Fire (C.J. Box-2007)
Frozen Solid (by James M. Tabor-2013)
Game, The (Tom Wood-2013)
Gideon's Sword (Preston & Child=2011)(*)
Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, The (Stieg Larsson-2010) (++)
Girl Who Played With Fire, The (Stieg Larsson-2009) (++)
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The (Stieg Larsson-2008) (++)
Glass Rainbow, The (James Lee Burke-2010) (+)
Godfather of Kathmandu, The (John Burdett-2010) (-)
God's Spy (Juan Gomez-Jurado-2008)
Gods of Guilt, The (Michael Connelly-2013)(++)
Gold of Kings (Davis Bunn-2009)
Gone Tomorrow (Lee Child-2009)
Gray Ghost Murders, The (by Keith McKafferty-2013)
Gray Mountain (John Grisham-2014)
Guilt (by Jonathan Kellerman-2013)
Guilty Wives (by James Patterson & David Ellis-2012) (+)
Half the Blood of Brooklyn (Charlie Huston-2007)
Hard Boiled Brooklyn (Reed Farrel Coleman-2006)
Hard Rain (David Rollins-2010)
Hard Way, The (Lee Child-2006) (=)
Heist, The (Daniel Silva-2014)
Hell is Empty (Craig Johnson-2011)(+)
Hidden Prey (John Sandford-2004)
High Profile (Robert B. Parker-2007)
Hold Tight (Harlan Coben-2008)
Hollywood Hills (Joseph Wambaugh-2010) (*)
Hollywood Moon (Joseph Wambaugh-2009)
Hollywood Crows (Joseph Wambaugh-2008)
Hollywood Station (Joseph Wambaugh-2006) (+)
Hooked (Matt Richtel-2007)
Hostage, The (W.E.B. Griffin-2006)
Hour Game (David Baldacci-2004)
House of Secrets (Richard Hawke-2010)
Hundred-Dollar Baby (Robert B. Parker-2007) (=)
Hunter, The (by John Lescroart-2012)
I, Alex Cross (James Patterson-2009)
If the Dead Rise Not (Philip Kerr-2010)
Illegal Action (Stella Rimington-2008) (-)
In Plain Sight (C.J. Box-2006)
Increment, The (David Ignatius-2010)
Inferno (by Dan Brown-2013)
Inherit the Dead (20 authors-2013)
Injustice For All (Scott Pratt-2010)
Inside Out (Barry Eisler-2010)
Inside Ring, The (Michael Lawson-2005)
Insider, The (Reece Hirsch-2010)
Inspector and Silence, The (Hakan Nesser-2011)
Interpretation of Murder, The (Jed Rubenfeld-2006)
Iron River (T. Jefferson Parker-2011)
Isolation Ward (Josh Spanogle-2006) (=)
Jack Wakes Up (Seth Harwood-2009)
Jackal's Share, The (by Chris Morgan Jones-2013)
Jaguar, The (by T. Jefferson Parker-2012)
Jass (David Fulmer-2006) (=)
Just One Look (Harlan Coben-2004) (+)
Keep, The (Jennifer Egan-2006)
Kill Alex Cross(by James Patterson-2011)
Kill Me If You Can (by James Patterson & Marshall Karp-2011)
Kill the Messenger (Tami Hoag-2004) (=)
Killer (Jonathan Kellerman-2014)
Killer Instinct (Joseph Finder-2006) (=)
Killer Move (Michael Marshall-2011)
Killer Smile (Lisa Scottoline-2004)
Killing Hour, The (by Paul Cleave-2013)
L to Z
L.A. Outlaws (T. Jefferson Parker-2008)
Last Kind Words, The (by Tom Piccirilli-2013)
Last Man, The (by Vince Flynn-2012)
Last to Die (by Tess Gerritsen-2012)
Laughterhouse, The (by Paul Cleave-2012)
Last Juror, The (John Grisham-2004)
Last Refuge, The (by Ben Coes-2012)
Last Trade, The (by James Conway-2012)
Law Clerk, The (Scott Douglas Gerber-2006) (-)
Law of Second Chances, The (James Sheehan--2008)
Learning To Kill (Ed McBain-2006)
Leather Maiden (Joe R. Lansdale-2008) (=)
Lifeguard (James Patterson, Andrew Gross-2005) (-)
Light of the World (by James Lee Burke-2013)
Lincoln Lawyer, The (Michael Connelly-2005) (=)
Little Scarlet (Walter Mosley-2004)
Loaded Dice (James Swain-2004)
Loch, The (Steve Alten-2005)
London Bridges (James Patterson-2004) (-)
Long Gone (Alafair Burke-2011)
Long Time Coming (Robert Goddard-2010)
Look Again (Lisa Scottoline-2009)
Loser's Town (Harlan Coben-2009)
Los Angeles Noir (Denise Hamilton-2007)
Loser's Town (Daniel Depp-2009)
Lost Echoes (Joe R. Lansdale-2007)
Lost Girls (George D. Shuman-2008)
Lost River (David Fulmer-2009) (+)
Lost Symbol, The (Dan Brown-2009)
Lucid Intervals (Stuart Woods-2010)
Mad River (by John Sandford-2012)
Mayor of Lexington Avenue, The (James Sheehan-2005) (+)
Memorial Day (Vince Flynn-2004)
Mephisto Club, The (Tess Gerritsen-2006)
Middle Man (David Rich-2013)
Midnight House, The (Alex Berenson-2010)
Minos (Marcos McPeek Villatoro-2003)
Miracle Cure (by Harlan Coben-2011 reissue>
Missing File, The (D.A. Mishani-2014)
Missing You (Harlan Coben-2014)
Mission Song, The (John le Carre'-2006)
Mr. Lucky: A Novel of High Stakes (James Swain-2005) (=)
Mr. Paradise (Elmore Leonard-2004) (+)
Mistress (James Patterson and David Ellis-2013)
Motive (Jonathan Kellerman-2015
My Dead Body (Charlie Huston-2009)
Mystery (Jonathan Kellerman-2011)
Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death, The (Charlie Huston-2009)
Naming of the Dead, The (Ian Rankin-2007) (-)
Narrows, The (Michael Connelly-2004)
Nature Girl (Carl Hiaasen-2006)
Never Coming Back (Tim Weaver-2014)
Never Go Back (Lee Child-2013)
Never Look Away (Linwood Barclay-2010) (+)
Never Tell (by Alafair Burke-2012)
Night Gardener, The (George Pelecanos-2006)
Night Is the Hunter (Steven Gore-2015
Night Monster, The (James Swain-2009)
Nightlife (Thomas Perry-2006)
Nine Dragons (Michael Connelly-2009)
No Country For Old Men (Cormac McCarthy-2005) (+)
No Dominion (Charlie Huston-2006) (=)
No Rest For the Dead (by 26 authors-2011)
No Tomorrow (Tom Wood-2014)
No Way Back (Matthew Klein-2014)
No Way Back (by Andrew Gross-2013)
Nothing To Lose (Lee Child-2008)
Now & Then (Robert B. Parker) (+)
Now You See Her (James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge-2011)
NYPD RED 2 (James Patterson & Marshall Karp-2014)
Oath of Office (by Michael Palmer-2012)
One Drop of Blood (Thomas Holland-2006)
One Shot (Lee Child)
Other Side of Silence, The (Bill Pronzini-2008)
Our Kind of Traitor (John Le Carre'-2010) (-)
Out Of Exile (Luke Preston-eBook-2013)
Overlook, The (Michael Connelly-2007)
Palace Council (Stephen L. Carter-2008) (-)
Paranoia (Joseph Finder-2004)
Parting Shot (Jonathan Stone-2006)
Pegasus Descending (James Lee Burke-2006) (+)
Penumbra (Carolyn Haines-2006)
Personal (Lee Child-2014)
Play Dead (Harlan Coben-2010, 1990)
Play Dead (David Rosenfelt-2007)
Point Doom (by Dan Fante-2013)
Polaris Protocol, The (Brad Taylor-2014)
Police (Jo Nesbo-2013)
Political Suicide (by Michael Palmer-2012)
Postcard Killers, The (James Patterson & Liza Marklund-2010)
Potboiler (by Jesse Kellerman-2012) (+)
Power of the Dog, The (Don Winslow-2005) (+)
Power Play (Joseph Finder-2007)
Present Darkness (Malla Nunn-2014)
Prince of Risk, The (Christopher Reich-2013)
Prisoner of Guantanamo, The (Dan Fesperman-2006)
Professional, The (Robert B. Parker-2009)
Program, The (Greg Hurwitz-2004)
Promise Me (Harlan Coben-2006)
Protect and Defend (Vince Flynn-2007)
Quickie, The (James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge-2007)
Racketeer, The (by John Grisham-2012)
Rage (Jonathan Kellerman-2005)
Rain Gods (James Lee Burke-2009) +
Rampart Street (David Fulmer-2006) (+) [A]
Raylan (by Elmore Leonard-2012)
Reckoning, The (Rennie Airth-2014)
Red Cat (Peter Spiegelman-2008)
Red Cell (by Mark Henshaw-2012) (-)
Red Leaves (Thomas H. Cook-2005)
Redeemed, The (M.R. Hall-2011)
Renegades, The (T. Jefferson Parker-2009)
Reversal, The (Michael Connelly-2010)
Risk Agent, The (by Ridley Pearson-2012)
Road, The (Cormac McCarthy-2006)
Roadside Crosses (Jeffery Deaver-2009)
Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event (James H. Cobb-2007)
Associate, The (John Grisham-2009)
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Betrayal (Eric Van Lustbader-2007)
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Sanction (Eric van Lustbader-2008)
Ruins, The (Scott Smith-2006)
Rules of Betrayal (Christopher Reich-2010)
Rules of Vengeance (Christopher Reich-2009) (+)
Run the Risk (Scott Frost-2005) (=)
Sail (James Patterson & Howard Roughan-2008)
Salt River (James Sallis-2008)
Santa Fe Edge (Stuart Woods-2010)
Satori (Don Winslow-2011)
Scarecrow Returns (by Matthew Reilly-2012)
Scarecrow, The (Michael Connelly-2009) (+)
School Days (Robert B. Parker-2005) (=)
Sea Change (Robert B. Parker-2006)
Second Sight (George D. Shuman-2009)
Secret Asset (Stella Rimington-2007)
Secret Speech, The (Tom Rob Smith-2009)
Self's Murder (Bernhard Schlink-2009)
Sentry, The (Robert Crais-2011)
Setup Man, The (T.T. Monday-2014)
Shadow of Betrayal (Brett Battles-2010) (-)
Shock Wave (James O. Born-2005)
Shotgun Rule, The (Charlie Huston)
Shotgun Opera (Victor Gischler-2006)
Shots Fired (C.J. Box-2014)
The Silkworm (Robert Galbraith-2014)
Silenced, The (Brett Battles-2011)
Silent Girl, The (Tess Gerritsen-2011)
Silver Bear, The (Derek Haas-2010)
Simple Genius (David Baldacci-2007)
Six Years (by Harlan Coben-2013)
Sixkill (Robert B. Parker-2011)
Skinner (by Charlie Huston-2013)
Skinny Dip (Carl Hiaasen-2004) (+)
Skirt Man, The (Shelly Reuben-2006) [A]
Skorpion Directive, The (David Stone-2010)
Sleeping Doll, The (Jeffrey Deaver-2007) (+)
Sleight of Hand (by Phillip Margolin-2013)
Sliver of Truth (Lisa Unger-2007)
Snowman, The (Jo Nesbo-2011)
Soft Targets (John Gilstrap-eBook-2013)
Son, The (Jo Nesbo-2014)
Split Image (Robert B. Parker-2010)
Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen, The (by Thomas Caplan-2012)
Star Island (Carl Hiaasen-2010) (+)
State of Fear (Michael Chrichton-2004)
Stay Close (by Harlan Coben-2012)
Stolen Prey (by John Sandford-2012) (+)
Stone Cold (David Baldacci-2007)
Stranger, The (Harlan Coben-2015)
Stranger In Paradise (Robert B. Parker-08)
Strategic Moves (Stuart Woods-2011)
Suspicion (Joseph Finder-2014)
Swan Peak (James Lee Burke-2008)
Swann Dives In (by Charles Salzberg)
Sweetie's Diamonds (Raymond Benson-2006)
Swimsuit (James Patterson & Maxine Paetro-2009)
Syndrome E (by Franck Thilliez-2012)
Tabula Rasa (Shelly Reuben-2005) (+) [A]
Talking to the Dead (by Harry Bingham-2012)
Target America (Scott McEwen-2014)
Target, The (David Baldacci-2014)
Tell No Lies (Gregg Hurwitz-2013)(+)
Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (John Grisham-2010)
Thick As Thieves (by Peter Spiegelman-2011)(++)
Thirteen Hours (Deon Meyer-2010) (+)
Three Shirt Deal (Stephen J. Cannell-2008)
Tin Roof Blowdown, The (James Lee Burke-2007) (+)
Too Darn Hot (Sandra Scoppettone-2006) (-)
Tooth and Claw (Nigel McCrery-2010) (+)
Trader of Secrets (Steve Martini-2011)
Trial (James Patterson & Richard Dilallo-2009)
Try Dying (James Scott Bell-2007)
Trophy Hunt (C.J. Box-2004) (+)
True Blue (David Baldacci-2009)
Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, The (Joel Dicker-2014)
Tuesday's Gone (by Nicci French-2013)
Turnaround, The (George Pelecanos-2008)
Turquoise Girl (Aimee & David Thurlo-2007)
Twelfth Card, The (Jeffrey Deaver-2005) (+)
Twice a Spy (Keith Thomson-2011)
Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes, The (Marcus Sakey-2011)(+)
Two Dollar Bill (Stuart Woods-2005) (=)
Two Minute Rule, The (Robert Crais-2006) (=)
Valhalla (Robert J. Mrazek-2014)
Vanished Hands, The (Robert Wilson-2006) (=)
Venus de Milo Murders, The (Dennis Manuel) [A]
Vertical Coffin (Stephen J. Cannell-2004) (+)
Vital Force (Trevor Scott-2006)
Wait For Signs (Craig Johnson-2014)
Waiting for Wednesday (Nicci French-2014)
Washington Stratagem, The (Adam Lebor-2014)
Watchman, The (Robert Crais-2007) (+)
Way Some People Die, The (Ross MacDonald-2007)
What It Was (by George Pelecanos-2012)
What's So Funny? (Donald E. Westlake-2007) (=)
Wheel of Darkness, The (Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child-2007)
When One Man Dies (Dave White-2007)
Whole Truth, The (David Baldacci-2008)
White Fire (Preston & Child-2013)
White Plague (James Abel-2015)
Wife of the Gods (Kwei Quartey-2009)
Where the Dead Lay (David Levien-2009)
Wild Fire (Nelson DeMille-2006) (=)
Winter of Frankie Machine, The (Don Winslow-2006)
Wired Kingdom (Rick Chesler-2010)
Wolf In Winter, The (John Collolly-2014)
Woman With a Gun (Phillip Margolin-2014)
Woman With Birthmark (Hakan Nesser-2009)
Woods, The (Harlan Coben-2007)
Worth Dying For (Lee Child-2010)
XO (by Jeffery Deaver-2012)
You've Been Warned (James Patterson & Howard Roughan-2007)
Zero Game, The (Brad Meltzer-2004)
Zero To the Bone (Robert Eversz-2006)

Other Genres
Chronicles, Volume One (Bob Dylan-a memoire-2004) (=)
I Am Charlotte Simmons (Tom Wolfe-2004)