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Authors and Publishers who quote my reviews:
I thought some of my readers would like to see what a few authors and publishers chose to quote from a few of my reviews--at least the ones I'm aware of. Please let me know if you come across other quotes that may be added here. Where a book cover is shown alongside the author's name, you can click it to go to the full review. Clicking the author's name takes you to his or her website where the quote appears. (Please note that, in time, some links change or disappear).

Michael Connelly
Re: "Nine Dragons" (Attributed to Critical Mystery Tour-scroll down)

Kwei Quartey
"Wife of the Gods" (No. 1 under "Most Outstanding Review"-link)

Timothy Sheard
"A Race Against Death" (Scroll down to quote)

Campaign for the American Reader
"The Blue Door" by David Fulmer (Quote attributed to Jules Brenner-scroll down)

David Fulmer
"Jass," "Rampart Street, "The Blue Door" (Click on any one of these cover titles, and more)

Raymond Benson
"Sweetie's Diamonds" (Attributed to my review in Mystery Scene Magazine)

Shelley Reuben
"Tabula Rasa" (Attributed to the "M Files")

"Cripple Creek"

Authors and publishers: If we left you out, let us know.

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