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If you're a diner, chances are wine is often a part of your meal. Are you a wine drinker who hasn't found the perfect corkscrew? We've got your answer! Have you heard of the Screwpull?

We think that if this isn't the perfect corkscrew there just isn't one.
For the discerning; for those who want the best; for those who love craftsmanship and design.

Now you can have it straight from Amazon
(We recently saw at Bloomingdale's
for $134.99

It comes in a neat little box, includes a capsule cutter, instruction booklet and a replacement screw head. Quality all the way! We use it and so we're proud to bring it to your attention.

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After suffering people who think they know wine and how it should be served, we finally wrote our own ebooklet to dispel the guesswork and mythology:
"Wine Facts
The Truth About Its Service and Other Misunderstandings"
which you can order online:
Now you can be the only one at the dinner table who knows the reasons behind the customs and practices in serving and enjoying wines. A must for restaurateurs. For more detail, read our Wine Fax page .

For the coffee lover who knows the difference between coffee that was roasted more than fourteen days ago and that which is truly fresh, we are making available the Fresh Roast roaster. It looks like a typical counter appliance and it roasts green coffee beans from all over the world to the degree you wish. And now, it's only $74.95!

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We're selling our La Pavoni!! We still love it but we ran into a Pasquini Livia S pump machine and find ourselves not using this gem much anymore. It was purchased new from Italy in March, 1999 and used about once per day for less than a year. It works perfectly. The price for this beauty is $899 new. We see it selling around the web for $750. We'll sell ours for $635 and ship it to any U.S. address free.

There aren't many of these available on the used market, so act fast. If you do, we'll throw in some of our house blend freshly roasted beans.

Besides extracting a deep and rich espresso, the La Pavoni is a unique piece of chrome sculpture. We hate the idea of parting with it but we also don't want it to be unused. It works as well as it did fresh out of the box (which we'll ship it to you in).

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