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This is our Coffee House (espresso depot) Where coffee lovers can find information on the best brewing machines for fine espresso, capuccino, machiato, etc. Which are the most beautiful additions to your home; which produce the best head of crema; and, why is that so important?

On the semi-professional level, this is Pasquini's Livia 90. It's built to military standards of hardiness, with no compromises, to make as pure a pull of espresso as possible. It has a double tank for consistency of temperature, a rotatable steam wand, a rotatable hot water wand, large capacity water tank, and many other features. To some, its ability to be left on 24 hours a day is a real advantage. Because of that and all its other features it's considered of small restaurant calibre.

It's our primary machine and in the picture, is sitting on our kitchen counter. Because of it, we're willing to sell our second machine, a sculptural work of art in addition to being one of the most unique espresso machines, the La Pavoni.

We've also got a couple of older, used machines, like this Baby Gaggia:

Boy, is it heavy. It dates back to 1970, when they made no compromise on the gauge of the steel for the body. Today, the better machines lighten that while retaining the strength in the brass boilers.

This one needs a new pump and could be a good buy for the home engineer either to rebuild with easily available parts or to use for parts. It's 220 volts because we bought it in Rome.

New Babys are selling for $350 around the internet. Make an offer or just take it for $100.

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Baby Gaggia

And, finally, the Gaggia Espresso, a machine we used temporarily while saving up for the Pasquini. At normal U.S. household volatage of 110v, it's pretty worn, too, and in need of some rehabilitation. It sells for $179 around the internet and we'll part with ours for $50.

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La Pavoni for a pure extraction!!
We still love this machine but since we got the Pasquini Livia S we find ourselves not using this artful gem much anymore. It's for someone who will take full advantage of its coffee making capabilities. In short, we have too many espresso machines and too much money wrapped up in them.

It was purchased new from Italy in March, 1999 and used about once per day. It works perfectly. The price for this beauty is $899 new. The best we've seen around the web is over $700 plus shipping. We'll sell ours, slightly used but beautiful, for $535 and ship it to a U.S. address free.

There aren't many of these available on the used market, so act fast. If you do, we'll throw in some of our house blend freshly roasted beans.

Besides extracting a deep and rich espresso that rivals the coffee houses, the La Pavoni is a unique piece of chrome sculpture that brightens our kitchen and draws gasps of admiration from visitors. We hate the idea of parting with it but we also don't want it to be unused. It works as well as it did fresh out of the box (which we'll ship it to you in).

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La Pavoni Espresso machine

For the coffee lover who knows the difference between coffee that was roasted more than fourteen days ago and that which is truly fresh, we are making available the Fresh Roast roaster. It looks like a typical counter appliance and it roasts green coffee beans from all over the world to the degree you wish. And now, it's only $74.95!

Want more info? Come visit our fact sheet.

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Like this picture? It's an original. You can have a print of it, approximately 8x10 and suitable for framing (definitely for the kitchen!), for $29.95

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 'Coffee Cup'

And, just for the record, we expect to be adding more info and new products here, so bookmark this page and check back from time to time.