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The story of a New Zealand Sheep Station
by Herbert Guthrie-Smith
(Discounted Paperback from Amazon)
. "Black Sheep"

The main difference between this and other horror escapades is the sheep's wool mixed into its production of blood and guts. Made on a sheep farm in New Zealand it's an interesting case of exploiting a local resource along with the cash prospects of the blood-spurting genre.

There aren't too many animals on the planet that are more docile than a sheep -- until Angus Oldfield (Peter Feeney) pursues his fortune by engineering their genetics. On a day when younger brother Henry (Nathan Meister) decides to return to the farm the two of them inherited from their father in order to sell Angus his half-interest, a pair of inept environmental activists arrive to wreak some damage on what's being perpetrated in the name of science.

When they spy lab workers disposing of rejected lamb fetuses, loose cannon farmhand Tucker (Tammy Davis) jumps in and inadvertently causes the release of a mutant lab lamb. His greenie girl companion with unlikey handle of Experience (Danielle Mason), as quirkie as her name but far more grounded than her wild man colleague, soon hooks up with Henry in an effort to convince him to stop playing with a fire that can't contained.

Sure enough, it becomes a prophecy that, among other calamities, results in the utter decimation of a delegation of international investors who have gathered at the homestead anxious to buy into a new frontier in science. What they and Henry don't realize is that the experiment, in the form of a ravenous flock surrunding them, has already gone too far.

The result is a gore-fest directed by Jonathan King to please the horror crowd and a film that at least can boast of a more logical premise than many another whose only excuse is the quantity of shock and shlock they can devise in the name of juvenile entertainment for the puberty generation. Just don't expect a nice woolen sweater from this blood-soaked sheep station.

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