Alert! is your calendar central! It allows you to remind yourself when to do those things you do everyday or when you need to do on a particular day. If working at your computer sometimes engrosses you so completely that you forget to make that phone call, take a pill, leave for the dentist, etc., you'll love Alert! Remind yourself when to start getting ready for dinner, for that date; when a deadline has arrived (check to the IRS?), and everything else in your life.

Plus, it's aural! Not only does Alert! pop up on your workdesk when an alert time is reached, but you get sound, too. You can be at another desk or on the other side of the room, and you'll hear when an alert goes off! Certain key words will trigger a voice to tell you what needs doing, like breaking for lunch, quitting for the day, taking a pill, getting the mail. If you know how to create wave files, you can even use your own voice.

And... did you ever want your computer to greet you when it comes to life? When Alert! is started, (such as when you boot up) it will say, "good morning", "good afternoon" or "good evening" according to the time of day.

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When you have an alert (or alerts) for a calendar day, this window opens up and remains on your desktop. The window expands according to how many alerts are found. You can, of course, close the window whenever you want to.

THERE'S MORE: Not only can you make alerts for time of day or for particular dates, you can specify a day of the week. Such an alert will pop up at the time you want and only on the day of the week you want. We call this our "Day Filter".

Use your computer for your calendar needs.
(Warning: Not compatible with Windows Vista or MAC)

HOW DOES IT WORK? You add Alert! to your startup menu and its tiny icon resides in your system tray (that small area on the right of your taskbar). First it checks for a date alert (any date in the calendar year). If one or more are found, it pops up with that alert (or alerts) and puts them on the title line where they remain for the rest of that day. Then, it continues to run, waiting for a scheduled time of day to arrive. When it does, up pops Alert! with the reminder. If you add a reminder to the list and SAVE the list, it'll pop up every day or date. If you enter a timed alert and don't save the list, it'll be a reminder for just that day. To add a reminder, you just type it in the entry space and hit a carriage return or click 'Add to List'. So simple to use but pays off BIG.

Here are some examples of the type of alerts you can have:

Pop-up alerts:
7:15 Make breakfast (pops up and off every day at 7:15)
5:00 Start cooking dinner (pops up and off every day at 5:00)
2:30 Pick up Larry at 3:00 -we (pops up and off every day at 2:30 except on weekends)
1:00 Leave for Bally's workout -wd (pops up and off every Saturday & Sunday at 1:00)
2:15 Violin lesson on Friday (pops up and off only on Fridays at 2:15)

Remain on-screen all day alerts:
11/15 Shop for Thanksgiving (appears in an all day window every November 15th)
3/9 One year anniversary of oil change (appears in an all day window every March 9th)

With our version 2.1.3, we added UFN alerts (Until Further Notice) and monthly alerts:
ufn Package ordered 3/2 - should arrive within 10 days (appears in an all day window every day until deleted)
ufn Buy IBM when it reaches 71 -we (appears in an all day window every day except weekends)

+10 Send mortgage payment (appears on the 10th of every month in the all day window)

This is an extract from the manual and illustrates the syntax for the various kinds of alert reminders that are possible with Alert!

And, here's what one user recently wrote us...

Thank you. is working GREAT!! I love it.
It is so nice to have a pop up reminder.

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