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. "28 Days"

If I'm going to review this movie it's only fair that I first profess my love for Sandra Bullock. Because of her naturalness, openness, candor and energizing personality, there's little she can't splash light into. She turns turgid into twinkling; ordinary to original; banal to brilliant. She could bend me over with laughter by reading the S's in the phone book if she had a mind to. So, can my review of "28 Days" be relevant for anyone else? You'll have to decide for yourself since I won't recuse myself. I offered my confession instead.

Which is not all that inappropriate, considering that confession is therapy and therapy is what the 28 days is about. Therapy is what the judge offers her as an alternate sentence to the lock up... for destroying property while massively drunk. So, 28 days of rehab is Bullock's destiny... if she can make it all the way, which is very questionable as she attempts to deal with all the barriers people keep placing in her carefree way.

She's tested, tempted and put to trials. She doesn't at all take to the medicine dealt out by a very serious and quite good Steve Buscemi as the counselor in charge. She meets fellow rehabees of all dimensions, including a baseball player with similar problems. Played by a vigorous Viggo Mortensen, he becomes to Bullock a view into a different kind of life, a different one than she had with her boyfriend (Dominic West) who would do much to lure her back to their previous high life.

This is an "institution" movie, not unlike "Girl, interrupted", not unlike many another that deals with the treatment of people with mental deficiencies of one kind or another, some pitiable, some hilarious, some just part of the wallpaper. Given the life Bullock can breathe into a part, I totally went with the formula as she bonds with her roommate, comes to terms with her inner voice, empathises with all and sundry as she attempts to plod back into a different kind of life than the drunken one she left in the courtroom.

Does she make it? Well I can't say you'll care as much as I did nor for the same reason but, if you do, you'll enjoy being in Bullock's company in "28 Days".

Rated S for Sandra!

                                      ~~  Jules Brenner  

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